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Sellex Telecom

We make the 'magic' with calls!

We provide services from the cloud, on any network, on any device and in any location.

We bring the best user experience by merging the two worlds
- the Internet and telecommunications


Our mission is that communication technologies and techniques fit together and make it accessible and useful to small businesses, entrepreneurs and emerging businesses, to provide easy installation of telecom services in web applications, and to provide an easy transition into the world of digital business.


Our vision involves intelligent communication for the 21st century - with the right person, in real time, without waiting and without typing a phone number or user name.


Sellex is a digital business platform that allows you to:

  • start or improve sales and business over the Internet
  • improve the visibility of your business and your offerings in the digital world
  • improve and facilitate external and internal communication with a minimum monthly subscription.

Sellex is the bridge between your business and the market, which increases the resources of the company, saving time and reducing transaction costs, enabling higher level of competitiveness, higher sales and better support.

Sellex integrates Sellex Telecom and Sellex e-commerce services, which you can install and use on your web site or on our web-market
to sell products , services and solutions with direct communication and collaboration of your visitors with vendors or persons who provide support.

Our services

Plug & Call

Telephony wherever you are


Call the person, not the number


Switch the call during the conversation

Family Phone

Reduce phone costs

For all users of Sellex Telecom services, we provide listing of products and services on the web market
absolutely FREE (of charge)!

Plug & CAll

Make phone calls over the internet at lower costs, wherever you are

Ensure SIP phone - via Sellex RentaPhone on

Wherever you are, you only need to find an internet port and connect your SIP phone.

Talk like you're at home or in your office, without restriction and with less cost than when you are using landline or mobile phone.

Only 600 RSD monthly

Benefits of Plug & Call Services

  • Connecting of all company locations (countrywide and worldwide), within ONE DAY and FREE calling among all company users
  • Advanced enterprise telephony services with more than 100 PBX features
  • DID numbers for Serbia, US and EU countries
  • FREE calls of all Sellex users
  • Cheaper calls from landline to mobile network, and cheaper international calls
  • Free video calls
  • Easy conferencing
  • Using in combination with Sellex WebCall and SwipeCall services

  • With Sellex Plug & Call, from now small companies and entrepreneurs can use advanced communication technologies that have so far been available only to large ones. And even MORE!!


Phone, smartphone and the web

SIP phone

Talk over SIP phones - your own or rented (Sellex RentaPhone)

"Local in a pocket"

With Android, iOS or Windows application, use the Sellex local or DID on your smartphone or computer

Calls from the Web

By using our unique WebCall service you will be available for calls initiated from the web page of your site!


“Call the person, not a number "- It is our concept of the telephony of 21st century!

Install WebCall button on your web site and your salesreps, consultants or support will be available to site visitors without waiting.

The connection is established almost immediately - there is no waiting for the "answering of first available operator," there is not even operators: site visitor talking directly with the sales guy of exact product that he is interested in, or consultant for a particular service which!

And even more of that, a site visitor knows in advance, whether the person is available or not.

WebCall is being used with Sellex Plug&Call or SwipeCall services, allows your local extension or DIDs to be available for calls initiated though the web.

Try it out - call us!

* Toll free call

The main benefits for the user

  • it see status of the person you call in advance, and knows is it available at the moment
  • by entering of the phone number, initiate a free call by clicking on the button WebCall
  • receiving call to its number from the right person
  • during the talk, see the name of person with whom talking to, the call duration, etc.
  • at any time can terminate a call from phone or from the web
  • after call is completed, can leave a feedback / complaints on the provided service

Advantages of WebCall service for you

  • works on ALL web browsers without any additional installation
  • simply setup as JavaScript in your site pages
  • more agents can respond on one WebCall button with the presentation of group status
  • one agent can respond to WebCall calls from more sites
  • calls can be postpaid (you pay the cost of call) or prepaid (the cost paid by the user)
  • ability to control costs and limit calls by phone numbers (only network group, landline, landline and mobile, international calls) by time (working hours, 0-24 without weekends and holidays, 0-24 plus weekends and holidays), or using the PIN by authorized customers
  • the ability to create a list of countries from which calls being received
  • agents that respond at WebCall calls can be anywhere and using any device (landline, local in a pocket, mobile, PC)
  • online feedback help you to improve sales, logistics or customer service
Only 1.800 RSD monthly


Switch the call during the talks / establish a conference by clicking on the button

Sellex SwipeCall provides additional comfort and easiness of phoning to customers of Plug&Call service and managing of incoming and outgoing calls from smartphone.

Sellex SwipeCall service allows you to forwarding calls during the talk - without interrupting of the connection:

  • from "local in a pocket" to your desktop or mobile phone,
  • to any other number from your phone book,
  • return back call on your smartphone

With this service, you can create multiparty conference and start it by simply "Click to Conf" button from smartpone app.

Swipe Call allows you to easily and quickly manipulating the calls and make conference connections in a way that is not possible in mobile telephony and traditional landline telephony: with your smartphone from the company's WLAN network, or from any Wi-Fi hotspot in the country or abroad.

Only 600 RSD monthly


Use perfect SIP phone, pay less and less

For Sellex Plug&Call service, we recommend you to use a SIP phone. If you do not have one, we can rent you a SIP phone Unify OpenStage 15, with guarantee, without contractual obligation, and with declining monthly payment.

If you want, you can buy it off at any time: the price will be reduced by 50% of the total amount paid till then (up to a maximum reduction of 70% of the value of the device).

The warranty to device you are using, is valid throughout the period of use, and includes quick replacement of faulty telephone device (warranty does not include physical damage, water splashes, rough use or breaks - in these cases, the user shall bear the cost of repairs or providing a new device).

You can cancel using a phone, at any time after the expiraton of the first three months, with a notice period of 30 days.

Year Monthly fee
V, VI, VII ... 3 EUR

* with VAT

Characteristics of OpenStage 15 phone

  • perfect HD acoustics (confirmed with HD label)
  • full duplex speakerphone with omnidirectional microphone - usable as a conference phone
  • two-line display with intuitive menu for call handling
  • 8 predefined function buttons and 14 software programmable buttons
  • list of dialed, missed and answered calls
  • mini switch with two ports for connecting both phone and computer in one LAN port
  • extremely low power consumption (confirmed by Blue Angel label)
  • PoE power supply from PoE switch, PoE injector or using an AC adapter
  • * PoE injector or AC adapter are not included in the subscription price and warranty shall not apply on them.


Prices of Sellex Telecom services

Price list domestic traffic - Serbia>> Price list - ino traffic>>


Company info

Sellex Telecom dooBulevar despota Stefana 15, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia PIB: 106082055   MB: 20524111

+381 11 4252 500

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